Corridor Connectivity Project

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Corridor Connectivity Project

1 June 2021

Corridor Connectivity Project

Year One is now complete!

Year Two EOI now open...

A big thank you to all who helped get 300 plus plants in the ground last week. Species including Acacia implexa, Acacia deanei, Acacia spectabilis, Acacia vestita and Acacia paradoxa were planted parallel, approximately 2.5 – 3m from a mixture of dominant Endangered Ecological Community trees, Eucalyptus melliodora, Eucalyptus blakelyi and Eucalyptus albens, Eucalytpus camaldulensis.

Planting technique

Combined, the two rows across four sites exceeded expectations for this year of the project (1.70km x 3m wide) and will help increase the habitat connectivity of the EEC White Box, Yellow Box, Blakely's Red Gum grassy woodland community across the Central Tablelands region.

"It's a worthwhile project especially along the Buckinbah creek which had a Blackwater event last drought. More vegetation will help rebuild this area and increase habitat for both fish and mammals". Matthew Phillipson, local farmer.

We now move onto planning for Year Two. If you have an area that you would like to revegetate or are interested in creating a corridor of trees across your property (this could be in the form of strategically placed scattered paddock trees), please contact Little River CEO. 

Site One

Site Two

Site Three

Site Four