Catchment Management Plan

Action Plan

LRLG has an integrated Catchment Management Plan (CMP). This plan identifies priority issues facing landholders and the community within the Little River Catchment and the management strategies for dealing with these issues for long term sustainability.

The problems facing our catchment are: Acid soils, Dryland salinity, Soil Erosion, Water Quality, Riverside zones, Native vegetation, Pastures, Weeds and Pests. These will continue to face us for the next century.

Not addressing these issues now will see them continue to worsen and demand our attention more and more strongly.

Our plan goes on to look at 20 different strategies to stop these problems getting worse and to return our catchment to a healthy, natural condition.

Our priorities for future action are:

  • Dryland Salinity
  • Soil Erosion
  • Acid Soils
  • Rural & Urban Community
  • Water Quality
  • Pastures
  • Weeds & Pests
  • Native Vegetation
  • Riverside Zones

Priorities for Future Action 

  • Encourage the catchment community to learn and implement strategies that will make our long-term future sustainable in line with our catchment plan's Vision Statement.
  • Involve groups and individuals that are presently uninvolved.
  • Be a valuable focal point for groups, organisations and agencies (e.g. schools, councils, community groups, landholders, government agencies).
  • Help people to be better informed of the facts.

Catchment Management

View the Catchment Management Plan (assorted documents).