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Conservation in Action Conference

Conservation in Action Conference

DATE: Wednesday, 10 Nov 2021 - Friday, 12 Nov 2021

LOCATION: Orange NSW (details to be confirmed)

BOOKING LINK: https://www.cwcewa.com.au/conservation-in-action


Image credit: Conservation in Action

Conservation in Action is a unique conference that brings together industry leaders in the conservation field. From scientists to policy makers, program managers through to specialists in implementing works in the field, this event will bring together all disciplines of natural resource management to facilitate the transition of cutting-edge environmental research into on-ground action. Sustainable Farms Ecology Research Director Professor David Lindenmayer will be a keynote presenter at the event, discussing the research results of two decades of ecological monitoring on farms.

Early bird tickets now available, for more information visit, Conservation in Action Conference website. https://www.cwcewa.com.au/conservation-in-action