Our district

The Little River Catchment Area is located between the “northern” and “southern” NSW boundaries. Consisting of the five subcatchments; Baldry, Cumnock, Suntop/ Arthurville, Tonngi and Yeoval, the majority of the 290,000 ha catchment falls within Cabonne Shire Local Government Area.

Since our inception in 1998, we have secured and delivered in excess of $10 million in project value. The projects have included extensive tree planting to combat salinity and erosion; restoration of creek and river streams to increase biodiversity; improved grazing management and cropping methods to protect soil and education delivery for climate change knowledge and awareness. Our district is currently involved in a number of projects from Endangered Ecological Community restoration to Regenerative Agriculture practice support.

Our Aim

Our organisation aims to create a robust community of practise (CoP) that consists of landholders, land managers, local businesses, community groups, school communities and town residents. We are dedicated to building resilience across the landscape through on ground works and natural resource management education for all ages. We are also committed to engaging with external stakeholders to provide support for the adoption of sustainable and regenerative grazing management practises that will enhance ecosystem services and improve financial stability for community members.

LRLG focuses on the three main components that promote the health of the Little River catchment. These are: environment - restoration and rehabilitation, social -community wellbeing and economy - stability in our local communities.

Our objectives

The core objectives of Little River Landcare Group (LRLG) address the biosphysical, economic and social aspects outlined above. The principal issues were identified through ongoing anecdotal feedback from community members and landholders, Little River’s 2020 Community Consultation Survey and Little Rivers Catchment Management Plan.

Objective 1

Objective 2

Objective 3

Objective 4

Objective 5

Provide community members and landholders with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage natural resources in a way that will achieve a viable and stable district.

Promote and support landholders to manage land in an integrated manner to achieve long-term sustainability.

Protect and enhance biodiversity and landscape function.

Promote and support biosecurity measures that help reduce pest animals and invasive weeds to levels that do not result in economic losses or environmental damage.

Support and provide opportunities that help increase community and landholder well being.

Little River Landcare Sub Catchments

For more information about Little River Landcare's Vision, download our Strategic Plan 2020-23 here.

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