Little River Landcare has successfully delivered $10 million worth of projects since 1998 and interacted with thousands of land managers. Our recent projects are listed below.

Current Projects

Soils PET (People, Education, Technology) Pilot Project

Expressions of Interest Now Open The Soils PET Pilot Project is an innovative pilot to test mechanisms of engagement and information transfer. The project utilises on-ground connectivity of Landcare networks to stimulate change in the management of landscapes in Central West NSW.

Corridor Connectivity Across the Little River Catchment

Many landholders residing in the catchment have established habitat corridors on their properties through the fencing off of remnant vegetation from grazing, restoration of riparian zones or planting of paddock trees.

Containment Feeding as Natural Capital

To enhance landscape resilience across the catchment, LR, with funding support from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (Smart Farms, Small Grants), developed a project focusing on Containment Feeding (CF) as a means of Natural Capital during drought.

Sustaining Science; School Education Program

Funded in partnership with local Council (Cabonne Shire), the Sustaining Science, School Engagement Program involves tailored incursions focused on Natural Resource Management to Pre-school, Primary School and High School aged students.

Signposts; Building our Community of Practice (COP)

LR hold quarterly Signposts events where members are invited to engage in joint activities and discussions around sustainable agriculture i.e. share techniques, experiences and/ or resources.

Hope Through Habitat

The Hope through Habitat project is a partnership project between LR and the Cumnock Men’s Shed. The project seeks to conserve, protect and restore local habitat to prevent loss of biodiversity.

Quick Posts; Motivation Through Media

LR Quickposts are educational articles posted in the Yeoval Satellite and Cumnock Review each month. Each article focuses on a Natural Resource Management topic such as waste management, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, water etc.

Closing the Loop at UPA

LR was engaged by the Yeoval UPA Aged Care Services in October 2020, to support their efforts in natural resource management within the centre. The centre managed waste reduction through the Council owned co-mingled recycling service and wished to incorporate organics recycling into daily waste minimisation practices.

Energetic Women in the Environment (EWE)

The EWE project aims to facilitate communication and assist with increasing resilience within the LR catchment by bringing together women from across the LRLG district. Topics vary from gardening to business management with specialist knowledge available through guest speaker support.

Completed Projects

Organic Matter Matters

A peer leaning project designed to improve land performance throughout the catchment by increasing soil organic carbon (SOC).

Exclusion Fencing Project

The Goobang Cluster project successfully removed pest animal access to 4545 ha through exclusion fencing and a buffering zone of a further 3970 ha. By collaborating across the Goobang cluster boundary, landholders reduced the recovery periods associated with excessive pest animal grazing during drought, effectively enabling the cluster to match their stocking rates with their carrying capacity.

Scattered Paddock Trees

During 2018, LRLG received funding from Central Tablelands Local Land Services to stock proof fence 15 hollow bearing mature trees from the White Box, Yellow Box, Blakely’s Grassy Woodland Endangered Ecological Community (EEC).

Protecting the Purple Patch

A $100,000 project that aimed to protect and enhance the waterway habitat of the endangered Purple Spotted Gudgeon. Evidence of the fish population was first noted in 2013 in a secondary tributary off the Little River. On ground restoration and rehabilitation works was funded through two grants from the NSW Environmental Trust and Landcare Australia.

CRIP – Local Elders

Funded through the Dept. of justice this project aimed to build resilience capacity in regional communities pre and post disaster. Topics ranged from flood, fire & drought through to a social tragedy. The like-minded group formed and spent several days together work shopping and networking with Paul Ryan a leader in Resilience training over a period of 3 months.

Rivers & Rocks

A stock exclusion fencing, regeneration and revegetation project that aimed to increase landscape resilience through the fencing off of riparian zone banks. The Australian Government and Biodiversity Fund Program aided the instalment of 150km of stock exclusion fencing along the Buckinbah and Little River waterways.