Become a Member

Why join Little River Landcare?

Little River Landcare is not a traditional Landcare group. We are innovative and highly professional in the delivery of Landcare activities. Our organisation  focuses on enhancing the health of the catchment through three key areas; the environment – restoration and rehabilitation, the community – member health and wellbeing and the economy – financial stability in our local community. Little River Landcare aims to build strength in all of these areas through an holistic approach starting from the “bottom up”.

Our diverse membership group consists of large and small landholders operating a variety of businesses, rural lifestylers, school groups and townies! Although, markedly different in many ways, our 300 plus member group unites under a common interest; to better the catchments financial, social and environmental outcomes.


Our annual membership fee is $44 (incl gst) per business/family per financial year, commencing 1st July.    


As a member of Little River Landcare, you will...

  • Be part of a network of people who are challenged, inspired and informed of ways to improve landscape resilience
  • Increase your understanding and knowledge of natural resources and how to manage them in innovative and sustainable ways
  • Participate in field days, workshops, seminars or projects for free or at discounted rates
  • Be kept up to date with relevant news through our monthly Catchment newsletter
  • Have a say and help shape the direction of Little River Landcare programs and activities
  • Be eligible to join one of our speciality interest groups – Signposts specialists, Engaging Women in the Environment Group, Growing Grazing Revolution Group or our Fauna Conservation Group

Little River Landcare Group ABN: 34 581 865 794