Hope Through Habitat

Hope Through Habitat

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The term habitat summarises the array of resources (abiotic and biotic) that are present in an area. The resources available are essential to the survival and reproduction of a particular species located in that area. Habitats are characterized most often by climate and location. They can range from warm, moist areas such as rainforests or cold/ wet areas such as streams and rivers.

The animals and plants that live in a particular habitat have adaptations that allow them to survive there. Habitat conservation is vital for protecting species and ecological processes. The Hope through Habitat project is a partnership between LR and the Cumnock Men’s Shed. The project seeks to conserve, protect and restore local habitats to prevent the loss of biodiversity. Developed in June 2021, the project has seen the installation of ten habitat boxes throughout the Baldry and Cumnock district.

Photo credit: LRLG

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