Soil PET – Understanding your soil data

Soil PET Project – eSpade data

Soil PET Project – Farmer Case Study

Organic Matter Matters

A peer leaning project designed to improve land performance throughout the catchment by increasing soil organic carbon (SOC).

Soils PET (People, Education, Technology) Pilot Project

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The Soils PET Pilot Project is an innovative pilot to test mechanisms of engagement and information transfer. The project utilises on-ground connectivity of Landcare networks to stimulate change in the management of landscapes in Central West NSW.

Exclusion Fencing Project

The Goobang Cluster project successfully removed pest animal access to 4545 ha through exclusion fencing and a buffering zone of a further 3970 ha. By collaborating across the Goobang cluster boundary, landholders reduced the recovery periods associated with excessive pest animal grazing during drought, effectively enabling the cluster to match their stocking rates with their carrying capacity.

Corridor Connectivity Across the Little River Catchment

Many landholders residing in the catchment have established habitat corridors on their properties through the fencing off of remnant vegetation from grazing, restoration of riparian zones or planting of paddock trees.

Containment Feeding as Natural Capital

To enhance landscape resilience across the catchment, LR, with funding support from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (Smart Farms, Small Grants), developed a project focusing on Containment Feeding (CF) as a means of Natural Capital during drought.

Scattered Paddock Trees

During 2018, LRLG received funding from Central Tablelands Local Land Services to stock proof fence 15 hollow bearing mature trees from the White Box, Yellow Box, Blakely’s Grassy Woodland Endangered Ecological Community (EEC).

Sustaining Science; School Education Program

Funded in partnership with local Council (Cabonne Shire), the Sustaining Science, School Engagement Program involves tailored incursions focused on Natural Resource Management to Pre-school, Primary School and High School aged students.