Scattered Paddock Trees

Scattered Paddock Trees

Completed Project
2018 – 2019

During 2018, LRLG received funding from Central Tablelands Local Land Services to stock-proof fence 15 hollow-bearing mature trees from the White Box, Yellow Box, Blakely’s Grassy Woodland Endangered Ecological Community (EEC). The erection of the stock-proof fence around the remnant trees was no closer than the drip line around each tree to allow for effective rehabilitation around the tree base.

To ensure the safe passage of native animals, barbed wire was used sparingly, and in all cases, a plain wire was used for the top two and lowest fence strands. Modifications to an additional fence line enabled a further 10 trees on the same property (approximately 2ha) to be secured from grazing for a minimum of four years, further enhancing the rehabilitation of the EEC.

Photo credit: LRLG

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